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Orlandez Johnson History


December 19

Orlandez Johnson was born at Grady Memorial Hospital in Chickasha Oklahoma.


Orlandez Johnson founded Fresh 2 Def Records

Orlandez released his debut mixtape titled "The Crown Me Mixtape," on Fresh 2 Def Records under his recording name, Sturk. The release sold over 3,000 units and had over 100,000 downloads online.


Orlandez Johnson founded I Am Somebody Music and I Am Somebody Lifestyle, a recording label and blog.

September 20

Orlandez appears on the front cover of the Chickasha Express-Star newspaper. 


December 4

Orlandez, going by his rap name Sturk, released Jay Z Tape on December 4, 2013. The tape was released in honor of one of the Oklahoma native's favorite rappers, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, on his born day.


Orlandez Johnson became the social media director of the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma's student newspaper, The Trend.


Orlandez graduated from the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha Oklahoma.

Orlandez appeared on the Wade Keller Podcast to rap with WWE/TNA IMPACT Wrestling pro wrestler Ethan Carter III (EC3).


Orlandez launched Global Young World (formerly known as Chickasha's Young World) as an initiative that promoted community volunteering for young adults, ages 18 to 35. 

June 16

Orlandez Johnson’s Chickasha album was released under his stage name, Sturk. The album, released in honor of his hometown of Chickasha Oklahoma, sold over 2,000 units.

Orlandez Johnson performed at Twisterfest, a local festival in Chickasha Oklahoma, to promote the release of his album called Chickasha.


November 5

Orlandez Show debuted.

December 30

Orlandez Music released 'New Year's Kiss' by Orlandez Johnson.


January 5

Orlandez Music released 'Go Hard' by Blake Tyler.

January 9

Orlandez Music released 'This is It' by Black Sav.

January 15

Orlandez Music released 'R.I.P. Michael West Freestyle' by Orlandez Johnson.

January 18

Orlandez Music released 'Superstar' by Blake Tyler.

May 15

Orlandez appeared on NPR's Focus: Black Oklahoma. Listen

July 3

Orlandez Music released 'Get Dough' by Fresh 2 Def.

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