Tips for Generation Z Rapper

Tips for Generation Z Rapper

Build online

Build offline

Meet Ups - Safe Space – Locations - Meet ups where your true fans are who do not want to harm you. Don’t be tricked into hosting meet ups where there will be personal violence against you. This is your profession.

Sexual Discipline – avoid having sex with fans who will be at your meet ups. These are safe spaces to build fans, not personal relationships that will subtract fans and not gain fans.

Create memories for fans: Pictures, autographs, merchandise

Promotion: Those fans will share this stuff online and build your buzz for you.

Time: This buys time for you to focus on music and not have to promote so hard for yourself.

Courageousness – Sometimes no one will show up, sometimes only one will show up. This is practice! Treat that one person like you will treat the hundreds and thousands when that day comes.

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