Why AEW was a Blessing in Disguise for Chico, CA Wrestler Brian Cage

Pro Wrestling fans across all allegiances, All Elite Wrestling, WWE, Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling or other, have chimed in on Chico, California superstar Brian Cage and his current run in under Tony Khan’s AEW and its shows therein including flagships Dynamite and Rampage. I’ve seen tweets from pretty much all angles. Some opinions claim that Cage is simply not good to be in AEW, some say Tony Khan is misusing Brian Cage, some claim Brian Cage and/or his wife Melissa sabotaged his career and some credit the stalling of Brian Cage in AEW to backstage politics being at play. Steering clear of the guessing game in terms of what the specifics may be, because we do not know, I see Brian Cage’s run on the TBS/TNT aired AEW shows as a blessing in disguise for he and his family, one that will forever fuel and fire up Cage in his journey as a pro wrestler.

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Because of the ups and the downs of his All Elite Wrestling tenure, Brian Cage will view the next pro wrestling company that he works for as a promotion, not a demotion. The positive perspective will spark fervor inside of Cage that will cause him to use the television time he receives in his next home in a manner that we’ve never seen before. It’s this ‘make your next move your best move’ mindset that will make Brian Cage a true superstar in the eyes of the wrestling fan.

Another reason why his next run will be his best run is that company creative heads will write for his character differently than any previous time they, like myself, will see the need to present Brian Cage on screen in a manner that will best suit the newfound fire and desire that the Chico, CA native will have, post All Elite Wrestling. The presentation of Brian Cage will be totally different than the last time we witnessed him outside of All Elite, including his historic reign as IMPACT Wrestling champion.

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Furthermore, Brian Cage’s mental discipline, as far as his character is concerned, has been battle tested during his run in the Khan owned AEW and as a result he’s a better person for it. That is in no way an assertion that Cage was never a good person before or during his AEW run. Brian has always been one of the nicest pro wrestlers to me any time I’ve interacted with him on social media. Brian Cage, as recent as 2021, still shares my much-copied 2019 IMPACT Wrestling/Full House spoof that went viral on social media. He has been in the comment section on my Instagram posts many times with jokes and overall good cheer. While not knowing him, personally, he always seems to have a great head on his shoulders. However, I think the stagnation of his AEW run has challenged his positive mindset so much that nothing will be able to shake in him wrestling, moving forward.

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While many use AEW as a faulty reason to write off Brian Cage’s wrestling career, the Machine is sharpening his in-ring skills, mic work, mind and personality, in preparation for the success that he knows awaits him in the future as a result of the blessing in disguise that has been his lackluster run in All Elite Wrestling.

The machine will survive,


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