Bail Bond Search Misrepresents Orlandez Johnson with Dangerous Headline is catching heat for misrepresenting Orlandez Johnson’s likeness on its website by having his photo posted alongside a misleading headline that is not reflective of Mr. Johnson, his behavior or his mistake.

The improper headline in question states “Oklahoma Sexual Predator Details for Johnson, Orlandez”

The facts:

Mr. Johnson, an Oklahoma native, completed six years of probation (starting in 2006 and ending in 2012) after his relationship with his then girlfriend, a Texas native, was found in violation of Texas law. The young couple shared a three year age difference (19 years old and 16 years old).

Orlandez was not aware that he was doing anything illegal, as he lives in Oklahoma where the legal age of consent is 16, while his girlfriend lived in Texas where the age of consent is 17.

The offense happened over 13 years ago and Mr. Johnson has not been in any trouble since then.

Orlandez Johnson successfully completed six years of therapy, passed countless polygraph tests with flying colors and was not found to have any issues as it pertains to predatory behavior.  

The word “predator” does not reflect Orlandez Johnson today or in 2006 for that matter.

Solution: Viewers of websites such as should be aware that posts do not always reflect the lives of the men and women on the registry, and do more harm than good, as it implies that everyone on the registry are dangerous when in reality, that could not be further from the truth. Fans of the site should encourage the authors to be as accurate as possible.

Orlandez Johnson does not condone the misrepresentation of his likeness for clicks or profit by any website in the present or future.

When dealing with African american men, we have to always be careful with how we represent them to the public, as lies and misleading headlines have the potential to feed into stereotypes held by racists, prejudice people and loons in our society.

In closing, always remember that some young men and women on the registry reflect how bad laws are, not how bad they are. 

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